RDCS Modules

A brief description of our RDCS modules, doors, windows and wood packages.

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RDCS Modules and Engineering


TopK runs a stringent process of high standards when it comes to manufacturing and construction of each module and finish. Each RDCS module goes through a third party certification process. It’s similar to the way shipping containers are certified. This certification process is part of the Global ISO 9001 manufacturing standards. These standards require TopK to catalog and maintain all manufacturing documents, per ISO 9001:2015, for each module manufactured in Our Facility. These standards insure that if any defect occurs in manufacturing, we can trace those raw materials back to its origin. This certification process allows us to guarantee the accuracy of every load capacity for each module.

The below images and loads represent this certification process.

Module A & C

Modules used for the front and back of final structures.

Engineering for these:

  • Max payload: 5000kg
  • Transverse racking test force: 37,500 Newtons
  • Tare mass: 3500 kg
  • Allowable stacking load: 17,000kg

Depending on the load, these can stack up to 4 high without any additional engineering.

Module B

Modules used for the center of final structures or open air designs.

Engineering for these:

  • Max payload: 2200kg
  • Transverse racking test force: 37,500 Newtons
  • Tare mass: 3300 kg
  • Allowable Stacking Load: 11,000kg

Depending on the load, these can stack up to 3 high without any additional engineering.

Module S

Modules used for single unit structures.

Engineering for these: 

  • Max payload: 6300kg
  • Transverse racking test force: 37,500 Newtons
  • Tare mass: 3700 kg
  • Allowable Stacking Load: 20,000kg

Depending on the load, these can stack up to 5 high without any additional engineering.

our doors and windows

TopK manufactures all interior/exterior doors and exterior windows used for our RDCS modules. Our interior doors are solid core and made with the highest quality craftsmanship. Our windows are manufactured with commercial grade aluminum and glass. They’re completed in our aluminum extrusion and glass manufacturing facility. Our modules, doors and windows meet specifications required, based on locale, for insulation and UV ratings.

Samples of our interior/exterior doors and windows are below.

Solid Core interior doors offered with either panels or glass insets

High Impact Double and Three Layered, Insulated Windows

Aluminum Commercial Grade Exterior Doors and Windows

walls - ceilings - flooring

TopK manufactures all wood packages for the interior finishes in each RDCS module. We source hardwood logs from the mountains of West Virginia, USA and ship them to our processing facility. These logs produce our high quality finishes. We offer a combination of 36 different stains and wash colors as a standard and will custom blend any stain color of your choice.

All Flooring is a 3/4″ tongue and groove oak. Ceilings and walls are a 1/2″ wood laminate. Our wood package is offered at below wholesale cost and loaded inside our modules for final, on-site installation.

Kitchen and bathroom wet wall systems are stone composite or bamboo fiber board. These wet walls systems provide superior protection against mold and other wet born bacteria.

Solid 3/4″ Oak floring and 1/2″ Ceiling and Wall Wood Laminate

36 Standard TopK Stain Colors and Washes to Choose from

Stone Composite and Bamboo Composite Wet Wall and Floor Systems