Brochure Download

Thank you for your submission, simply click on the download link under each of the brochures you would like to download. Please note we have different material for Engineering and Architectural firms that are approved to work with us. These will be offered after your firm has been accepted to design with our modules.

General Brochure

Our general Brochure goes over most of our production capabilities and other services we offer.

Engineering Brochure

Our Engineering Brochure offers a high level overview of load capacities of our RDCS Modules.

Installation Overview

Our Installation Brochure provides a glimpse of how easy our Patent Pending RDCS Modules install on site and some scope details.

Build Options & Part Numbers

We have numerous options to help expedite your build process with our kitchen, bath, ceiling, wall and floor finishes.

Wood Color Chart Brochure

We have 36 different standard wood stains – washes for all of our wood products, but can custom blend any custom color needed.

Module Color Chart Brochure

We have 96 different standard module colors, but can custom blend any custom color needed in 50 gallon quantity orders.