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rAbout Us

TopK USA was founded by Stan Weatherby III and Jiayin Wang as a North American extension of a much larger global conglomerate, TopK Global. This conglomerate is compromised of a steel mill, Ikea, a shipping container manufacturing facility which is currently producing 300 shipping containers per day, a wood processing facility which sources its logs from West Virginia, USA and an aluminum extrusion and glass manufacturing facility. TopK USA is able to offer high performance manufacturing capabilities, superior quality and extremely competitive pricing due to our shear volume.

Stan Weatherby III is no stranger to mass, large scale construction. He began his own masonry company in 1988 later moving into heavy industrial construction from the ground up for clients such as Home Depot, Lowes and Toys R Us to name a few. His additional heavy structural engineering training allowed him to personally handle all site work, steel, structural steel and masonry for these large projects. Mr. Weatherby has invented and patented several trailers for moving shipping containers, built logistic software for the container industry and is the inventor of numerous technology platforms used worldwide since 1982. His accomplishments in technology include email software companies hosting users into the millions, founder of the challenge response systems, now known as Captcha, responsible for Outlook on the web, co-founder of Flussonic, the multi-media software company, an integral creator of video streaming for Doorbot, now known as Ring.com and responsible for founding TopK USA. Leveraging his extensive knowledge in construction, containers and technology, he has created and further developed this phenomenal North American marketplace and its technically advanced offering!

Jiayin Wang began in this industry nearly 40 years ago, starting in the wood processing industry producing superior custom wood products. He then moved into manufacturing the wood flooring for shipping containers, becoming a large owner in a start up shipping container manufacturing facility in Da Lian, China. This facility grew to be the 1,880,000 square foot facility it is today, producing 300 shipping containers a day!

Mr. Weatherby and Mr. Wang co-developed RDCS modules and are currently hands on in the day to day operations of TopK USA.

For architects and engineers

TopK expedites the architectural design and engineering process by using our proprietary design libraries and unique manufacturing methods. When you partner with us on a project, you gain access to our tools specifically created to expedite your design process, including access to our proprietary pricing matrix, design libraries, unparalleled training and support. ur systems in an extremely short period of time.

Interested in finding out if you qualify to become one of our architectural or engineering firm partners? Simply fill out our short questionnaire by clicking HERE or learn more by downloading our general overview brochures.

Representation of our module manufacturing and the interior Zinc Enriched Primer.

Representation of our module design library for use in all CAD software.

Representation of our module with our Keel framing system and Pex plumbing.

for land developers and Investors

Low cost and rapid deployment expedite your construction time, cuts costs and helps ease some of the pains associated with land development, property constraints, cost to market and design attributes. If your interested to learn more about our RDCS modules and would like to entertain them as part of your next build please feel free to Contact Us and one of our sales professionals will go over your project scope and put you in touch with one of our Architectural or Engineering partner firms or explain to your existing Architect or Engineer how to use our RDCS modules in your next or current development project.

Representation of an apartment complex designed using our RDCS Modules.

Representation of Shipping Container Home look alike using our RDCS Modules.

Representation of another Shipping Container Home look alike with a roof system.